How much do Under Armour athletes make? (2023)

How much is Under Armour paying?

Hourly pay at Under Armour, Inc. ranges from an average of $9.03 to $22.56 an hour. Under Armour, Inc. employees with the job title Sales Associate make the most with an average hourly rate of $10.80, while employees with the title Sales Associate make the least with an average hourly rate of $10.80.

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How do you get sponsored by Under Armour?

How do I apply for a sponsorship? Due to the high number of requests we receive, we are not able to reply to everyone within a short time frame. Please send us an email at and we will forward your request to the relevant department for someone to contact you.

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Is Tom Brady with Under Armour?

Brady and Under Armour have teamed together for the last 11 years, even as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers superstar developed his own apparel line – Brady Brand. Brady has won seven Super Bowl titles – six with the New England Patriots and one with the Buccaneers.

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Who is brand ambassador of Under Armour?

The company's strategy is to build sustainable long-term growth for the brand Under Armour in India with Chopra representing the brand.

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Does Under Armor pay weekly?

You get paid every two weeks.

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What age does Under Armour hire?

At least 16 years old (or 18 years old in CA, WA and OR) Available to work at least three 4-hour flexible shifts per week—including one weekend shift (varies by store).

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How much do Under Armour ambassadors make?

Total Pay Estimate & Range

The estimated base pay is $34,725 per year.

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How can I make money with Under Armour?

By placing banners, buttons or promotional links within your website, proprietary newsletter or e-mail, a visit to through your link resulting in a purchase will earn you a percentage of the sale.

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Does Under Armour give bonuses?

The departments at Under Armour that have the highest annual bonuses are Sales, with an average bonus of $48,454, Communications with an average bonus of $47,297, and Business Development with an average bonus of $37,358.

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How much is Steph Curry Under Armour deal?

Curry would get own subsidiary brand as part of reported $1B Under Armour deal.

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Does NFL use Under Armour?

Effectively, the partnership allows NFL players to wear Under Armour-branded accessories, like gloves, on the field. It also enabled college prospects to sport Under Armour apparel during the NFL Scouting Combine.

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Why did Under Armour drop NFL?

Products with the company's logo will be barred from being worn or displayed on the field during NFL games. The decision comes after Under Armour terminated multiple collegiate contracts in the last year. Cut ties with Cal and its 10-year, $85 million deal. Left its record 15-year, $280 million deal with UCLA.

How much do Under Armour athletes make? (2023)
Who is the face of Under Armour?

One of its most fiscally beneficial marketing strategies has been its collaboration with wrestler-turned-celebrity, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who has become the face of the company since January 2016.

Is Nike or Under Armour better?

Nike's brand is ranked #7 in the list of Global Top 100 Brands, as rated by customers of Nike. Their current market cap is $222.95B. Under Armour's brand is ranked #231 in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Under Armour.

Who owns most of Under Armour?

Top 10 Owners of Under Armour Inc
StockholderStakeShares owned
The Vanguard Group, Inc.9.35%21,702,502
BlackRock Fund Advisors6.54%15,172,142
Dorsal Capital Management LLC5.39%12,500,000
Janus Henderson Investors US LLC2.59%6,015,561
6 more rows

What benefits do Under Armour employees get?

And we take care of our teammates by providing a comprehensive total compensation package that links directly to business and individual results.
  • Health Benefits.
  • Medical.
  • Dental.
  • Vision.
  • Tax-Advantaged Accounts.
  • Financial Protection.
  • Life, Accident, and Disability.

How much does target pay an hour?

Hourly pay at Target Corporation ranges from an average of $11.90 to $21.89 an hour. Target Corporation employees with the job title Sr. Administrative Assistant make the most with an average hourly rate of $24.14, while employees with the title Cashier make the least with an average hourly rate of $12.98.

How much discount do Under Armor employees get?

Teammate Discounts

A discount on UA gear: 50% off full-priced items. 30% off clearance and promotional items.

Does Under Armor drug test?

Nope, unless you want to drive a forklift, then OSHA makes them do it.

How do I prepare for an Under Armour interview?

Qualities/experiences that you should highlight in an interview for a Sales Associate role at Under Armour is your social skills, experiences with customer service, ability to work with others, and what you do actively (yoga, jog, play basketball, etc.).

How can I become an Under Armour model?

HOW TO BECOME AN UNDER ARMOUR® MODEL. From time to time, Under Armour seeks models for its online and print catalogs, as well as for product fashion shows. Some models are sought through local casting calls and others through local talent agencies.

How much do Nike ambassadors get paid?

Average NIKE Ambassador yearly pay in the United States is approximately $18,000, which is 68% below the national average.

Why do brand ambassadors get paid so much?

Commission: In some cases, companies will pay ambassadors on commission rather than an hourly rate, so as to incentivize the distribution of promotional materials and the generation of leads by their brand ambassadors. The more leads an ambassador brings into the company, the more earning potential he or she will have.

Do brand ambassadors get free stuff?

It's also common practice for brands to provide ambassadors with free or discounted products to promote. So, while you're not paid in cash, you are paid in the form of free stuff.

Are Under Armour employees happy?

Under Armour's Employer Brand is comprised of a C- rating for Retention, a C rating for Office Culture, and a C- rating for Happiness. Employer Branding is an important aspect for companies looking to obtain and retain talent.
Under Armour Employer Brand.
Culture ScoreC
Employee Satisfaction (eNPS)25
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