What does seller confirmed mean on GOAT? [Solved] (2022)

What does seller confirmed mean on GOAT?

The seller has 72 hours from the time the sale is confirmed to ship. For further questions, please email help@goat.com. 6:17 PM · May 26, 2017·Twitter Web Client. 4.... read more ›


What does Confirmed mean on GOAT?

By accepting a buyer's offer for your sneakers, you are automatically confirming the order. Orders from accepted offers cannot be canceled. Stace. 3 years ago.... see more ›

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How many days does the seller have to ship on GOAT?

If your sale is not shipped within 3 business days (Monday–Saturday for FedEx, UPS and USPS, excluding holidays) from when the order was placed, GOAT will cancel the sale.... continue reading ›

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What happens if seller does not confirm order GOAT?

You may cancel an order in the app under the Sell tab. Please note: Multiple order cancellations will lead to a higher commission fee. If you're unable to ship orders during a period of time, we encourage you to turn on Vacation Mode under the Sell tab.... continue reading ›


How long before a GOAT is confirmed?

Standard items. The majority of GOAT items - except those listed as “Instant” - are shipped to us first to be authenticated and verified before being delivered to you. It typically takes 7-10 business days (M-F) for these items to be delivered to a buyer located in the US.... view details ›

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How long does GOAT take to confirm?

Once we receive your sneakers, it typically takes 1-2 business days for authentication. As an exception, very unique or limited SKUs may require further verification and additional processing time. Your earnings will be available for cash out in the GOAT app as soon as our specialists have authenticated your sneakers.... read more ›

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Does GOAT sell fake shoes?

How does GOAT authenticate goods? GOAT offers a strict authentication policy meaning that it's virtually impossible for fake sneakers to make it through onto the marketplace.... continue reading ›

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Can I contact a seller on GOAT?

The seller has 72 hours from the time the sale is confirmed to ship. For further questions, please email help@goat.com.... view details ›

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Where does GOAT ship from?

We do not offer international shipping except for Canada. Orders are shipped from the GOAT USA premises located in Plainview, New York.... view details ›

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How long does seller have to confirm?

How long do sellers have to respond. Unfortunately, there's no rule about how quickly a seller has to respond to your offer. However, most sellers will extend the common courtesy to a buyer and respond in writing within 24 to 72 hours (or three business days) from the receipt of the offer.... read more ›

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Can a seller cancel an order on GOAT?

You may not cancel an offer after it has been accepted by a seller. For apparel and accessories, all orders are auto-confirmed and cannot be canceled.... read more ›


Does GOAT refund your money?

You have 3 days to request a return from the date you receive your GOAT Clean purchases. Once we process your return, we will refund you for the amount you paid, less the shipping costs to and from you. This refund will be issued in the form of GOAT credit to use on future purchases.... continue reading ›

What does seller confirmed mean on GOAT? [Solved] (2022)

Does GOAT refund stolen packages?

A missing package investigation can take anywhere between 7-10 business days and you may be required to sign and return an affidavit, among other requirements. Approved claims may be refunded in GOAT credit to be used towards a future purchase to allow you to replace your lost item as quickly as possible.... continue reading ›

Where do GOAT shoes get verified?

Retail products listed on GOAT are pre-verified and shipped directly from their trusted retail and boutique partners. Shoes that are labeled “Instant Ship” on their marketplace are also pre-verified and ready to be shipped to buyers from GOAT facilities.... continue reading ›

Why did GOAT cancel my order?

While GOAT strongly discourages our sellers from canceling orders, there are some circumstances in which sellers are unable to complete orders. For sneaker orders, GOAT will make every effort to find a replacement in a timely manner, but if unsuccessful, your order will be canceled.... view details ›

Who owns GOAT shoes?

Eddy Lu is a co-founder and the CEO of Los Angeles-based GOAT Group, a website for selling and reselling sneakers and luxury apparel. It had a valuation of $3.7 billion in its most recent round of investor funding.... see details ›

How does GOAT sell shoes before release date?

Unlike other big resale platforms, Goat goes with nicely staged and professionally shot photos of the shoes on sale. And it acts as more than a middleman, with a rigorous authentication process before shoes are packaged and finally shipped. Goat has 30 million members and 600,000 sellers in 170 countries.... see more ›

How can you tell real Jordans from fake?

Look for a manufacturing sticker on the outside of the box.

All Air Jordan boxes will have an official manufacturing sticker on the side. Check for the accurate style name of the shoe, the shoe size, color combination, and country of manufacture.... read more ›

How does GOAT work for sellers?

Selling process: To sell on GOAT, you need to apply. Once you become an authorized seller, you can list your shoes online. If a sale is made, you will ship the shoes to GOAT for them to be authenticated. Once everything checks out, the money will be deposited to you.... read more ›

What are GOAT seller fees?


Only when an item is purchased, is a commission fee charged. The amount of the commission fee is 9.5% + seller fee for a seller in good standing.... continue reading ›

How does the selling process work on GOAT?

HOW DO I SELL ON GOAT? To ensure quality and authentic items, we only allow a select group of sellers. We encourage you to request to become a seller on GOAT by tapping on the Sell tab on the app and filling out the required information. We'll notify you as soon as your request has been approved.... continue reading ›

Does GOAT use UPS or FedEx?

Currently, we ship our orders out via USPS, FedEx, or UPS. You'll be able to view the carrier handling your order along with your tracking number as soon as your order ships from your shipping confirmation email.... view details ›

Is GOAT a good app to buy shoes?

The Truth About Buying Shoes From Goat App - YouTube... see more ›

Is GOAT a Chinese company?

GOAT's China app comes more than five months after the Culver City, California-based company, which stands for “Greatest of All Time,” received a $100 million investment from athletic shoe retailer Foot Locker.... view details ›

What does BB goat mean?

Not only of BB, but he is the GOAT...he is the winner to be a best person..son..friend..brother..everything...he is the winner of our hearts...he is the winner of trophies stacked on the shelf at his home So much love and respect to u sid BB GOAT SIDHARTH SHUKLA.... see more ›

Is Virat Kohli the goat?

Virat Kohli joins fellow sports superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi in Twitter's exclusive GOAT (Greatest of all time) club. Every time, a user posts with “#ViratKohli', a goat's symbol will be added after his name.... view details ›

What makes an athlete a goat?

GOAT stands for “greatest of all time.” If you've participated in online sports talk, you may recognize that the term is used to refer to the greatest athlete in the history of a professional sport. Alternatively, some use it to refer to the best currently active athlete in the field.... view details ›

What does goat mean in text?

When not alluding to the literal animal, the goat emoji stands for GOAT, an acronym meaning Greatest of All Time.... read more ›

Who was the first goat?

GOAT, as a word used in reference to “Greatest of All Time,” had its origin in an expected place: Muhammad Ali. In Sept. 1992, Lonnie Ali, Muhammad Ali's wife, incorporated G.O.A.T. Inc.... continue reading ›

Are black goats rare?

1. Black. This color ranges from a very dark, “midnight” black to a reddish-black that almost looks brown. This is a rarer color among goat breeds, as most only have a small percentage that is black.... view details ›

How do I know if my goat is Osmanabadi?

Both male and female Osmanabadi goats are medium sized with a long body and legs. They are mostly black in color with small straight/curved horns (about 13 cm) turned backwards, upward and downwards. Their drooping ears which are about 20 cm in size may be either black or with white spots.... see details ›

Why is VK called Goat?

They even started calling him G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) in cricket to show all how much the batter has achieved. Virat Kohli turns 33 today.... view details ›

Who is goat of cricket now?

Virat Kohli fans have taken Twitter by storm by trending the former Indian skipper's name with the 'GOAT' icon.... continue reading ›

What is the full form of goat?

mean? Not many people can claim to be the G.O.A.T., but those who can are the Greatest Of All Time in their field. Most often, the acronym G.O.A.T. praises exceptional athletes but also musicians and other public figures.... view details ›

Why is it called Goat?

While the word usually refers to a furry farm animal, millennials are using it as an acronym that stands for Greatest Of All Time. And it's not a term that's taken lightly – you'd be hard-pressed to find people that are universally accepted as GOATs.... see more ›

Who is the goat of all athletes?

No player in the major North American sports can claim the individual records like Gretzky. Gretzky is "The Great One" for a reason. While he only has four Stanley Cup titles, he owns every NHL scoring record.... see details ›

What determines the goat?

In team sports a player who is regarded as a GOAT is someone who has consistently performed at the top of their sport while carrying their team to titles. In individual sport the moniker would be reserved for players who have claimed the most victories in major tournaments.... view details ›

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