Who did Johnny say visited Dally in the hospital *? (2023)

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Who came to visit Dally and Johnny in the hospital?

Two-Bit and Ponyboy go to see Johnny and Dally in the hospital.

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Who visited Dally in the hospital?

Pony and Two-Bit also visit Dally, who is still in the hospital. He is his old self, and resents the fact that he will not be able to take part in the rumble that night.

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Who does Johnny refuse to let visit him in the hospital?

Johnny refuses to see his mother, and then he faints. Two-Bit and Ponyboy are told to leave, so they give Gone With the Wind to the nurse and go to see Dally Winston, who is also in the hospital after being burned dragging Johnny out of the burning church. In the hallway, they see Johnny's mother.

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When Johnny's mother came to visit him at the hospital what was Johnny's reaction?

3. When Johnny's mother came to visit him at the hospital, what was Johnny's reaction? He rejects her visit; he tells the nurse he does not want to see his mother.

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Why did Tim Shepard tease Dally visit him at the hospital?

He says Tim Shepard came by to tease him about being a hero, instead of a criminal, in the papers. Tim also teases Dally because he has to stay in the hospital instead of going to the rumble.

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Why were Johnny and Dally in the hospital?

Dally's one arm is severely burned, but he will eventually regain full use of it. Johnny is in critical condition; his back is broken and he is suffering with third-degree burns.

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What did Two-Bit give Dally in the hospital?

His mother. 5. What does Two-Bit give Dally in the hospital? His blade.

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Who visits Ponyboy in the hospital?

Soda and Darry visit Ponyboy in the hospital and Darry tells Ponyboy that he's only tough on him because he cares about him.

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Who shows up at the hospital with Darry to see Ponyboy?

Jerry rides with Ponyboy in the ambulance and stay with him at the hospital to show that family sometimes is more than just blood. "Two-Bit knew what I meant, but doggedly pretended not to.

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Who visits Johnny in the hospital in Chapter 8?

In Chapter 8, Two-Bit and Ponyboy visit Johnny and Dally in the hospital.

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What is the first thing Johnny asks for in the hospital?

Two-Bit and Ponyboy go to the hospital. First, they visit Johnny, who is very weak. Johnny asks for a copy of Gone with the Wind, and Two-Bit goes to the drugstore to get it for him. Alone with Ponyboy, Johnny says that he's not ready to die, that he hasn't had enough time or enough opportunities yet in his life.

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Why does Johnny not want to see his mom at the hospital?

Johnny's parents are abusive—his mother verbally, and his father physically. They're both neglectful. Johnny refuses to see his mother when she comes to visit him in the hospital, and he takes his parents' treatment of him personally (as would most people).

Who did Johnny say visited Dally in the hospital *? (2023)
Is Sandy pregnant in the outsiders?

When Pony learns that Sandy's pregnant—not with Soda's kid—and that Sandy's parents refused to let her marry Soda, he realizes Soda has problems too.

Why won t Cherry go visit Johnny in the hospital?

Why won't Cherry go visit Johnny in the hospital? She couldn't see the person who had killed her boyfriend, Bob. Even though Bob had a bad side, he also had a good side.

What did Johnny request while at the hospital?

The doctor says Johnny had been asking for them and that "It can't hurt now." What two things does Johnny tell Two-Bit he wants him to bring? He wants hair grease and another copy of Gone With the Wind.

Who shot Dally?

The policemen kill Dally. After Johnny dies in the hospital, Dally is so upset, he runs away from Ponyboy and robs a grocery store. The police chase him to the empty lot where the greasers hang out. There, Dally takes out his unloaded gun and threatens the police, who shoot him in self-defense.

Why does Soda sleep with Ponyboy?

Both boys share a bed, and Sodapop serves as a symbolic security blanket for Ponyboy, especially since their parents' deaths.

What does Dally do after he leaves the hospital?

Dally did rob a grocery store and take the police on a chase that ended in his being shot. However, earlier in the book, Dally had risked going to jail himself in order to help Johnny and Pony when they were fleeing from the law.

What does the doctor say is going to happen to Johnny and Dally?

Wrinkle in Time – Study Guide Questions. Darry has to convince the doctor that, “we were about as much family as Dally and Johnny had” (102). The doctor says that Johnny is in critical condition. His back is broken, he has third-degrees burns, and if he lives, he will be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Does Johnny care about Dally?

Johnny idolizes gang member Dallas Winston. Dally is living proof that one can survive without parents or family. Johnny needs to follow in the footsteps of someone in his life and Dally, his hero, is the one he chooses. The relationship between these two boys is very interdependent.

What crimes did Dally commit?

Dally robs a grocery store, waves a (probably) unloaded gun at armed police officer, and goes down in blaze of gunfire. Dallas was smart, and he knew full well what would happen if he showed the cops his gun: they would shoot him and he would die. Pony's analysis seems right on.

What soda did Dally give?

Sodapop's Letter is a letter Sodapop gave Dallas to pass onto Ponyboy while he was staying at the church, because Soda knew Dallas knew where the boys were, but Dallas wouldn't tell even Soda, so he wrote Ponyboy this letter.

Why did Dally go to jail?

He drank too much, lied, cheated, stole, and disrespected women and children. Dally rode in the rodeo circle, and his girlfriend left him when he was in jail.

What does Johnny tell Ponyboy at the hospital?

Dally and Ponyboy make it to the hospital in time. Johnny is dying and is not impressed that the greasers won the rumble: "Useless . . . fighting's no good." He asks to speak to Ponyboy, and, leaning over him, Johnny's last words are "Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold."

Who visited Ponyboy while he was sick?

Darry tells him that he has a visitor. Pony welcomes into the room Randy Adderson, a Soc. Randy explains that he is visiting because Cherry has heard his name on the bulletin at school and because everyone involved in Bob's killing has to see the judge the next day regarding the death.

What does Pony realize about Darry at the hospital?

Ponyboy realizes that Darry does care about him; Darry is strict because he loves Ponyboy and wants him to succeed. Ponyboy runs across the room and embraces his brother, thinking that everything will be fine once he gets home.

What did Johnny want the boys to get for him in the hospital?

What did Johnny want the boys to get for him in the hospital? Why were these things important? - Johnny wanted the boys to get the "Gone with the Wind" book and hair grease because he liked when Ponyboy read to him, and the hair grease was the thing that identified him as a greaser. 4.

Who does Johnny see on his last visit to the Laphams?

Who does Johnny see on his last visit to the Laphams? He sees Madge with seargent gage and Mr. Tweedie. When Johnny visits the Lytes house he sees that Isannah and Cilla are treated differently.

Who gets sick and passes out after Dally dies?

Who gets sick and passes out after Dally dies? Ponyboy. Who is sleeping in the chair beside Ponyboy when he wakes up in Chapter 10 after the rumble? Darry.

What is a Johnny in the hospital?

Johnny: A hospital gown. A johnny is a short collarless gown that ties in the back, worn by patients being examined or treated in a doctor's office, clinic, or hospital. Johnnies are generally disliked by patients as skimpy, ugly, ill-fitting garments often leaves one's backside ignominiously exposed.

Who waits at the hospital with Ponyboy in Chapter 7?

Who waits at the hospital with Ponyboy in Chapter 7? Darry and Soda.

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